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Our Team

Our staff are professionals with backgrounds in intelligence gathering, investigating organized crime and asset protection. The principal members have served in specialist military and government agencies and have known each other for much of their professional lives, while our younger team members have all been talent-spotted for their skills, interests and character. This produces a family-type ethos, which in turn generates corporate loyalty and shared ethics.

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Our Ethos

As you might expect from people with a heritage in serving the Crown, we place client confidentiality at the centre of our ethos. We combine this with a mission to always give you the product you need, in time for it to be of use. We aim to make this product of a consistently high standard, and always value for money.

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Our Methods

The best intelligence in the world is worthless if it does not arrive in time for you to use it, and in a format that you can easily understand. We will carefully consider how we present to you as well as what we present. That may be a 5,000 word report or a series of charts with a much smaller narrative, but we will always be guided by the need for Accuracy, Brevity and Clarity.

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Our Process

Our process is well developed, systematic and cyclical. Each part will inform the others and assessment is continuous. Systematic in this context does not mean rigid. The process will have strength but adjust to major forces. It will always have shape and will achieve our aim by responding to events and understanding.

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